Texas farmer

Welcome to Frankie's Fresh Foods! 

    We are Michael & Graciela, husband and wife duo,

growing produce for our famous pickles &

humanely producing tasty pasture raised meats

on our farm in Sunset, TX.

   We believe that you are what you eat and through the years have learned to produce clean quality food for our local communities

while being good stewards of our land. 

Locally grown food & humanely raised animals simply taste better. 

Join us in celebrating the gifts Mother Nature has to offer

one bite at a time.

Farm News:


  • Frankie's tasty pickles and pasture raised pork available for Saturday farm pick up 3p-5p by appointment thru April 2022.



Thank you for all the love & support you have shown our family farm!

Around the farm...

Your farmers, Graciela & Michael