Got bacon? 

As a matter of fact we do!  At Frankie's we offer bacon, pork chops, roasts, hams plus a variety of sausage options!

​There are generally two kinds of pork on the market, one has no flavor and is watery, and the other which can be fatty on the outside, but no marbling in the middle, so it’s dry and course.


On our farm we raise a cross of Hampshire (Hamps) & Berkshire (Berks) pigs.  Berks marble well so the meat is naturally juicy and has exceptional flavor.  Berks are the Wagyu of the pork world & Hamps produce lean meat.  This cross provides the best of both worlds, exceptional flavor with the right amount of fat.

Our pigs are raised on pastured and provided a well rounded feed supplement from a local mill.  Being allowed to roam freely, builds muscle and naturally creates marbling.  Giving pigs the ability to take part in their natural rooting and grazing behaviors is not only good for their well being, but good for the land.  Happy animals = tastier meat!

Taste the difference today!




Pork Roasts


Pork Sausage


Thick pork chops