Product of USA, or is it?

Did you know that meat (beef & pork) labeled as PRODUCT OF USA doesn't have to actually be 100% American? Was the meat from an animal that was born, raised, slaughtered, and processed in the United States? Here's how the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) defines what can have that label:

The Policy Book states that meat (beef and pork) labeling may bear the phrase “Product of USA” under one of the following conditions:

(1) if the country to which the product is exported requires this phrase, and the product is processed in the United States or

(2) if the product is processed in the United States ( i.e., is of domestic origin).

Accordingly, the “Product of USA” labeling claim may be applied to meat products derived from animals that have been imported from a foreign country but slaughtered in the United States, as well as to meat products that have been imported from a foreign country and repackaged or otherwise further processed in the United States. I had no idea PRODUCT of USA could be so misleading. Food standards are much different in foreign countries too! Good news though, the USDA is taking comments now thru April 4 2022 to possibly fix this. I urge you to leave your thoughts using this link and share this with other like minded folks. It's hard for one person to make a difference, but together the impact is much greater! This matter is something to keep in mind when your are shopping and why supporting local family farms is so important. When buying from folks like us, there is NO DOUBT what you are buying is 100% PRODUCT OF USA! All of our animals are born and raised on our farm.

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