Although we are not able to ship at this time, we invite you to pick up during farmers market booth hours.


Bacon is 1# of smoked traditional pork belly  bacon, 1# of smoked jowl bacon or 1# of bacon ends.


Pork belly bacon is where traditional bacon comes from.  Pieces are nice long strips of yummy goodness.


Jowl bacon (also known as guanciale) is similar in composition to regular bacon — it has tender meat layered between white strips of fat that cook up nice and crispy. Jowl bacon is not as uniform as regular bacon tho. It has larger and fewer layers of fat and meat, unlike pork belly where regular bacon comes from, which has thinner more numerous individual layers.  Jowl bacon is harder to find & more flavorful.


Bacon end are chunks of cured pork belly pieces that work great for cooking beans or greens as they pass on some smokey flavor.  The ends have the right amount of fat to add pork goodness to your next dish. 


While there is certainly a different anatomy between the two, we’d say that any dish that calls for sliced pork belly bacon would certainly work with sliced jowl bacon.  No matter which way you slice it, you will experience porky goodness. Be adventurous and try both!


The possibilites are endless with this farm fresh goodness raised free of antibiotics or hormones. You will taste the fresh air and sunshine of Sunset, TX with every bite.


All meat is double plastic wrapped then covered in butcher paper to prevent freezer burn.


Smoked Bacon