This deposit is non-refundable. This is a deposit ONLY.  Final invoice will vary based on final animal live weight. 


Cost of animal is $5 per pound of live weight (paid to us) plus meat processing cost (paid to Hess Meat Market at time of meat pick up).   Estimated live weight is 100-135 pounds for a whole lamb.


Lamb shares are by far the most economical way to provide your family with high quality, pasture raised lamb.  A whole lamb after being processed yields about 60-80 pounds of meat. If running short on storage space, consider split a lamb with friends or family.  Half a lamb should fit in your average home freezer assuming that it's empty.


Once your deposit has been paid, I will reach out to coordinate your processing date and get your cut order.  You will receive an invoice based on final live weight after the lamb is taken to our processor.


From butcher date to pick up date is usually 2 weeks.  Once ready, our butcher, Hess Meat Market, will call you for pick up.  You will pay the processing cost directly to the butcher at meat pick up time.


Hess Meat Market is located at 605 N. Mesquite St Muenster, TX 76252.  Visit them online at


Rough estimates of what to expect:


5-10lbs Bone-in Lamb Chops   

10-20lbs Bone-in Leg of Lamb Roast (5-10lb Roasts)

15-20lbs of Ground Lamb


5-10lbs Neckbones


We have a limited amount of animals for this special offering so be sure you don't miss out!

Deposit - Whole or Half Lamb