Although we are not able to ship at this time, we invite you to pick up during farmers market booth hours.


Your pet deserve a nutrient snack every now & then.  This snack pack included one pig heart and 2 packages of pig liver.  The meat can be enjoyed raw or cooked.  


The heart is a muscle and nutritionally is similar to other muscle organs like steaks or roasts. However, it has a higher amount of protein, B vitamins, selenium, CoQ10, iron, phosphorus, and zinc. Three ounces of heart, provide 200% of your B12 daily requirement!


Liver is a great source of protein, iron, and Vitamin A and always pairs well with the classic bacon and caramelized onions.  The rich flavor of liver goes perfectly with creamy sauces, wine, and earthy mushrooms.  Also make a great pet treat!


The possibilites are endless with this farm fresh goodness raised free of antibiotics or hormones. You will taste the fresh air and sunshine of Sunset, TX with every bite.


All meat is double plastic wrapped then covered in butcher paper to prevent freezer burn.


Pet Pork Snack Pack