Although we are not able to ship at this time, we invite you to pick up during farmers market booth hours.


Our kosher pickles are preserved using a salt brine instead of a vinegar brine and need to stay refridgerated.  The fermentation process is the same peservation method used when turning cabbage to saurkraut.  Fermentation gives these pickles a more sour flavor than tradition vinegar preserved pickles.   These fermented pickles are also full of probiotics that can help aid digestion and improve gut health.


Kosher Dill Pickles - Whole pickling cucumbers cured in salt brine full of crunch and distinct flavor.  Enjoy them on their own, in your favorite salad (tuna, egg, pasta to name a few) or your favorite cocktail (bloody mary, margarita, etc).


Fiery Kosher Dill Pickles (SOLD OUT!) - Crunchy whole pickling cucumbers in salt brine bursting with distinct flavor.  The fiery kosher dill pickles have an added layer of heat created by habanero peppers.  A bite of these tasty treats and you will feel fireworks exploding in your mouth!

Fermented Pickles - Quart