Although we are not able to ship at this time, we invite you to pick up at monthly in Denton or if you prefer picking up from the farm, please indicate that in your order comments.


Available in either Kosher Dill or Fiery Kosher Dill these whole pickling cucumbers are cured in salt brine full of crunch and distinct flavor.  Enjoy them on their own, in your favorite salad (tuna, egg, pasta to name a few) or your favorite cocktail (bloody mary, margarita, etc). 


Fermented pickles have their own distinct flavor and tend to be a bit more sour and tangy than their vinegar counter part.  Since the cure is salt based, the probiotic bacteria developed during the curing process is maintained, which can help improve digestive health.  If you are a fan or kimchi or sauerkraut, you should give these a try!


Pickles need to be kept refridgerated so remember to bring a cooler upon pick up.

Fermented Pickles - Quart