Although we are not able to ship at this time, we invite you to pick up during farmers market booth hours.


All of Frankie's Fresh Foods pickles are made using our very own farm raised produce. Pickling starts shortly after harvesting to ensure a high quality, fresh product while maintaining a great crunch.


All of our pickles are freshly made and need to stay refrigerated. 


Now Available:


Gourmet Dill Pickles - Quart jar of whole or sliced pickles made in our traditional vinegar brine.  Crunchy pickles full of lip-smacking goodness that you can't have just one!  Enjoy them as whole pickles or sliced to your heart's desire.


Fiery Dill Pickles (SOLD OUT!) -  Quart jar of whole or sliced pickles just as tasty as our gourmet dills with a hint of habanero peppers to add some additional zesty heat!


Gourmet Bread & Butter Pickles - Quart jar of sliced, sweet, crunchy, and super tasty pickles. Pairs well with barbeque and makes a perfect snack. You may eat them all in one sitting so be advised!


Fiery Bread & Butter Pickles - Same sliced sweetness as our bread & butter pickles with some added heat from habanero peppers for an elevated complex flavor unlike any other.


Try one or try them all, you're in for a treat!

Vinegar Pickles - Quart