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Frankie's Pickles


Quality food starts with fresh, high quality ingredients. 

At Frankie’s Fresh Foods we take great pride in growing the produce used in our pickles: cucumbers, garlic and peppers.  It's important to us to know how our ingredients are raised as we value growing clean produce free of pesticides.

By growing our own produce, we are able to create fresher, crunchier more flavorful pickles.  Our cucumbers go straight from the field into the kitchen for processing to become amazing pickles.

Our Kosher Dill and Fiery Kosher Dill pickles are made using a fermentation process that is free of vinegar. How then are these pickles preserved you ask? Salt is used in place of vinegar to preserve the cucumbers.  This process naturally creates an amazingly crunchy pickle full of robust flavors. In addition to a distinguished taste, these pickles contain probiotics that can help promote a healthy digestive system.  Once the perfect flavor level is reached, the pickles are refrigerated to halt the fermentation process and are ready to be enjoyed. 

Along with these powerhouse items, we also have 4 flavors of classic vinegar cured pickles: Gourmet Dill, Fiery Dill, Bread & Butter, and Fiery Bread & Butter.  Our fiery pickles use habanero pepper to spicy things up.  So if you like it hot, give these a whirl, no wimpy pickles here!
Once you've enjoyed your pickles, use the pickle juice.  Drinking pickle juice is said to help with muscle cramping by some athletes.  Pickle juice can also be used to marinate your meats to keep them moist during the cooking process.
Plus pickle juice is perfect to add to your favorite cocktail!  Possibilities are endless, how will you enjoy the juice?

Both types of pickles bring their own distinct flavors to the table.  Try them all and expand your pickle horizons!

Frankie's Jams

Frankie's seasonal jams are made using fresh grown fruits from our farm: flavors include peach, pear, & prickly pear.


Jams are made using simple ingredients:

our farm grown fresh fruit, sugar, pectin and lemon juice. 

It doesn't take much to produce yummy goodness. 


Enjoy Frankie's jams on your favorite bread product, in  yogurt, ice cream or by the spoonful as a quick treat.